Q: What are the quality requirements for the wave cage in addition to accuracy?

A: The wave cage is a stamped cage.


Wave cages are required to be manufactured:

1. Material: In the technical condition standard JB/T 10337-2002 of stamping cage, the materials selected are 08A1, 10, 08 cold-rolled low-carbon steel strip or cold-rolled thin steel sheet. The technical requirements of steel strip should meet GB/T. 708-1988, GB/T 3275-1991, YB/T 5059-1993, surface quality is group I, polishing, trimming; dimensional accuracy is higher precision; mechanical properties are "extra soft"; steel plate technical requirements It should meet the requirements of GB/T 708-1988 and GB/T 13237-1991. The surface quality is Group I; the dimensional accuracy is Grade A or Grade B, and the draw grade is S or P grade. When the thickness of the stamping cage is not less than 4mm, it is made of 10 or 08 hot-rolled thick steel plates. The technical requirements shall comply with the provisions of GB/T3275-1991. The dimensional accuracy is advanced, the drawing level is S or P, and the surface quality is Group II;


2. Tolerance: cage outer diameter variation VDcp and inner diameter variation Vdcp, cage ball pocket depth variation VK, radial movement of steel ball in cage pocket ε, cage bottom warpage VB, cage single pocket center circle diameter deviation Dcbs and single rivet hole center circle diameter deviation ΔDcb1s, cage rivet hole offset to the center of the adjacent pocket, etc.;


3, surface treatment: the finished cage should be stable and surface treatment, the surface should be smooth, the surface of the finished cage carburizing, nitriding, copper plating, galvanizing, silver plating, phosphating or oxidation should conform to the product pattern. Requirements, the carbonitriding heat treatment of the finished cage is in accordance with JB/T 7363-2002;


4, appearance quality: the surface of the cage should not have rust, cracks, wrinkles, burrs and sharp edges;

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