How Does The Bearing Roll--- Treadmill

publisher: Arya
Time: 2018-07-19
Summary: How Does The Bearing Roll--- Treadmill.This article will give you a taste of the dynamic beauty of bearings and how they work in machines.


The treadmill conveyor belt moves quickly and steadily on a 12-kilogram steel bar

There are four bearings under the steel bar to keep it rolling steadily


Six rubber shock bar are attached to the bottom position

as shock absorbers.

Reduce foot vibration to the conveyor belt


On the bottom board is a running board 2.5 cm with wax on the outside.

The tail is hinged to provide a stable surface for running.

It reduces the damage to the knee.


The rollers need to be kept firm

To make sure runner's foot step on theconveyor belt every times,

And record the frequency of runner's pace.

Through the computer console, you can set the expected running speed.

Every time you step on the board, the conveyor belt begins to slow down.

The driver works at the same time, instantly offsetting the impact of the deceleration.


The electronic controller can detect the change of step speed.

And then issue a command. To accelerate the engine,

So that the conveyor belt can recover its preset speed,

Let the treadmill match the runner's stride length,

The runner felt relaxed all the way.


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