Office Bearings Originally Hidden Here

Time: 2019-06-10
Summary: Bearing appears in some form within all of this equipment. The next time the copier or printer breaks down, it may be a bearing working improperly.

Office Bearings Originally Hidden Here

Have you ever thought about how vital bearing is in the office equipment we use every day? Each day we show up to work and just expect the copiers, printers, cash registers, scanners, paper cutters, fax machines, etc. to work properly without realizing what gives them the ability to operate so smoothly. Bearings appear in some form within all of this equipment. The next time the copier or printer breaks down, it may be a bearing working improperly.

Bearing in Copiers

A photocopier is a machine that people use many times during the working day. The role of the bearing is to rotate the paper through in order to obtain a copy of the paper inserted into the machine. The types of bearings used in a copier are ball bearings and needle bearings. A ball bearing is a type of roller-element bearing that utilizes balls to keep the separation between the bearing races. A ball bearing’s main function is to reduce rotational friction and support radial and axial loads. As for a needle bearing, it is a thin cylindrical rolling element, also known as needles, in the needle bearings that can reduce the radial dimensions compared with conventional cylindrical roller bearings. They also reduce costs and maintain about the same or higher carrying capacity, but limit the speed of rotation. 

The Use of Bearings in Paper Making Machines

In some offices, people use papermaking machines. The bearings in this machine are double-row self-aligning bearings. This type of bearing has an inner surface and an outer ring. This gives the ability for it to be self-installed. This allows them to operate with great distortions of the inner ring on the outside. This is due to bearing seat misalignment or load caused by the shaft deflection. Double row rolling elements provide an increased load capacity and they offset the negative structural features. If you were ever wondering how papermaking machines work, they are very dependent on the double-row self-aligning bearings.

The Use of Bearings in Fax Machines

Bearings used in fax machines are very similar to the ones used in a copy machine. They utilize both roller and needle bearings. Usually, people use the plastic version of these bearings in this type of application because the bearings are not under extreme amounts of pressure or heat. Their purpose is to pull the paper out during faxing.

Bearings are very vital to our everyday lives. With the improvements in technology, more and more types of equipment need bearings. Without the use of bearings in these products, we would be unable to make paper, copy, fax, or print as easy as we do today.

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