SKF Ball Bearing Xinchang Production Base To Catch Up With The Progress

Time: 2019-07-26
Summary: Shanghai tongji construction co., LTD., such as rebar workers, scaffolding workers and carpenters, were working in a tense and orderly way on the construction site, taking advantage of the fine weather.

SKF ball bearing xinchang production base to catch up with the progress

On the afternoon of July 19, nearly 100 constructors from Shanghai tongji construction co., LTD., such as rebar workers, scaffolding workers and carpenters, were working in a tense and orderly way on the construction site, taking advantage of the fine weather. Site construction staff Chen ronghua said, because the early progress has lagged behind, now everyone in the premise of ensuring quality and safety, speed up work, and strive to bring back the delayed time limit, the main plant construction by the end of the year.


SKF is one of the world's leading suppliers of bearings and bearing units, seals, mechatronics, lubrication systems, solutions and services. SKF ball bearing production base and research and development center project enjoys by wholly foreign-owned SKF (hsin chong) bearings and precision technology co., LTD., invest in the construction, after the completion will be the main production SKF brand and PEER bearing products, and the establishment of advanced research and development center, so as to realize the localization of ball bearings in China research and development and the localization of production. SKF project after landing xinchang, xinchang economic development zone with relevant departments in accordance with the requirements of the "up to run a" reform, can accomplish self-compression, quick, quick, in figure of SKF project review, water conservation, eia, fire and other link as far as possible to shorten the time, actively do a good job in examination and approval and other service efficiency and to quickly boost project construction.


In the process of project promotion, due to the comprehensive factors, the construction schedule lagged behind the time node. In order to accelerate the progress and create a good atmosphere for the smooth progress of the project, sheng Lin bing, member of the standing committee of the county party committee, secretary of the party work committee of xichang economic development zone and relevant leaders of the management committee rushed to Shanghai to have a face-to-face and candid communication with the relevant person in charge of SKF headquarters. After that, through communication, face-to-face interview and other ways, further straighten out the relationship between the construction unit and the construction unit, focus on urging the construction unit to take the initiative to coordinate and solve the steel structure design changes and other issues. At the same time, zhou chun, deputy director of the management committee, strengthened the connection of industrial projects as "enterprise steward" and science and technology waiter, poured a lot of energy, and actually solved many contradictions and problems in the project promotion.


Construction worker Chen ronghua, a native of nantong, went to work in xichang in October last year. He was busy at the construction site every day and witnessed the "growth" of the project. 'we had a lot of rain in xinchang last year and this year,' he said. To this end, they according to the site construction node, with strong construction force, scientific and reasonable arrangement of construction personnel, but also effectively solve the steel pipe, fastener and other materials procurement, model mismatch and other problems. At the same time, in view of rainy days is not conducive to column lifting, scaffolding installation, floor casting and other normal construction conditions, tongji construction on the overall attention to steel processing, mold removal and other processes.


"At present, there are nearly 100 construction workers working on the site every day, including more than 60 carpenters and steel bar workers. Together with relevant management personnel, there are a total of 120 or 30 people working on the site, in order to ensure the early completion of the project, early output and early performance." Chen ronghua said.

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